Individual Therapy

I use a collaborative approach, drawing from a variety of therapeutic methods as well as your feedback to find what resonates best with you and best helps you accomplish your goals.   These methods include attachment theory, mindfulness, talk therapy, trauma informed therapy, EMDR, IFS, and Sandplay. I also offer a variety of formats for therapy, including in-person, virtual and phone appointments.

Every person has the ability to grow, heal, and thrive. Suffering can lead us to lose hope or to believe that we are broken or damaged.  This is untrue! Our true nature and potential may seem absent or hidden but it is there and it cannot be destroyed.  By uncovering and rediscovering our strengths and abilities, we can overcome challenges, find meaning and purpose, and live more fulfilling lives.  Through the self-discovery process we can learn to find understanding and compassion for even the most feared and hated parts of ourselves.  We can heal from our past and move forward.   We can experience ourselves and the world differently going forward.  

Couples Therapy

Relationships are challenging! In couples therapy, we can develop effective communication tools and skills as well as explore the issues that keep you and your partner feeling stuck, retraumatized, unseen, disastisfied, resentful or distant. We can increase emotional understanding and intimacy, facilitate openness and achieve clarity and understanding of you, your partner and your relationship.

For clients who experience issues such as trauma, anxiety and stress,  somatic interventions such as EMDR or Sandplay can be extremely healing.  Please click on the links below for more information.


Play Therapy