At times, we all experience emotional struggles, pain and difficulties, whether it be as children, adolescents or adults.  These times can feel overwhelming, frustrating and exhausting! I offer a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space to share these struggles and work towards accomplishing your goals.  Each child, teen and adult has their own path to healing.  I can support and guide this process, provide healthy strategies and help you reach a sense of well-being.

Tremendous healing can take place through self-exploration.  It can lead to overcoming struggles, improving relationships and increasing your ability to fully enjoy life.  Together, we can help you discover your inner wisdom, resources and joy allowing you to move forward and accomplish your goals.

I am passionate about helping clients with many issues including:

Trauma                                          Grief and loss
Relationship Difficulties            Self-esteem
Stress                                             Life transitions
Depression                                   Perfectionism
Anxiety                                          Shame

I limit the number of clients in my practice to ensure that I can be fully present with each child, adolescent and adult that I meet with.

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